Ideal System for Healthcare Business

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In my opinion using the above programs are the most effective way to run a healthcare business. How do I know this? I’ve used all these programs developing my own successful healthcare business. All the programs integrate with each other in some way and reduce the need for double handling. The beauty with this system is it that it can be run on a tablet or basic laptop making your clinic and work mobile. It is also applicable to multiple clinics and services across numerous sites.  If you think this is a great idea but don’t have the time to do it, then contact PracticeNav we can save you time and money while making your business more efficient and successful.

  • Cliniko – I’ve reviewed a lot of software for healthcare business but I find cliniko the best option to date so far. It integrates with mailchimp, Physitrack, xero and facebook and is easy to use. No training manual needed and they offer great online support open 24 hours. With cliniko the days of pen and paper are gone.
  • Gmail – I like using gmail for business, it’s easy to set up and links to google drive. Your Gmail business email account can be synced with MS Outlook , Android and iPhone, familiar platforms that are widely used by many business professionals.
  • Google Drive – With a basic business account you get 30GB of storage, basic word, spreadsheets and presentation documents available. Easy sharing options with your team and they can all be converted to PDF. It updates automatically when someone edits a document so you don’t create conflicting copies of the same document.
  • WordPress – This is a web hosting company for your website, easy to set up, adjust pages, add pictures and videos. You can also set up your blog page which integrates with all major social media platforms. You can then share your blog posts with your database via mailchimp.
  • Mailchimp – Integrates with Cliniko (database) allowing you to set up automatic emails and triggers to your clients to remind them of appointments and special offers you may have running in your clinic
  • Facebook – The most popular social media platform for your business page. You can also integrate it with others such as twitter or instagram to allow you to post just once and it appears on all relevant platforms. You can also book online appointments with FB
  • Survey Monkey – This is an easy way ask your clients for feedback with simple online surveys which, can be sent out via your wordpress blog or mailchimp account. The information you gather helps to improve your client’s experience of your clinic.
  • Asana – The ultimate task management tool. It allows team members to share, plan, organise, and track progress of the tasks that each member is working on. This program is an ideal tool for setting up a procedures manual or changing software.
  • Xero – Do payroll on the go, automatically feed your bank statements to your accounts, no more printing out excel sheets or emailing them for your accountants or book keepers. This is cloud based accounting software for small business and its brilliant. Oh yeah and it integrates with cliniko.
  • Online Banking – Most banks now have a decent app for online banking that you can check on the go and make a quick payment. This is essential for running a small business and it also integrates with xero.

To find out how PracticeNav can help you build your ideal healthcare business system please email or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience of your ideal system for healthcare business.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant


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