Who’s on your team?

Pack dogsWho’s on your team? Do they know what the business goals are?

In order to have a successful business you need to know and trust your team members. They all need to be aiming for whatever clearly defined goals you have set out for the business. From my experience I persisted with certain team players for too long. This caused extra stress, wasted time and money, on reflection I should have ended our relationship sooner. Everyone is replaceable and you are better off working with people who respect and value the goals of the business.

When making a list of who’s on your team you should ensure they are easily contactable and good at their job. Generally you pay for what you get, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Also there is nothing worse than disgruntled staff members, it’s toxic for business and clients pick up on these negative vibes within your business.

So my advice is to make a list of your team members. If you’re not happy with them, arrange a meeting and set the expectations of the relationship. If they fail to meet these expectations then it’s time for that relationship to end and move on with growing your business in a positive way. See below for examples of lists.

An example of Direct team players are as follows

  • You – Director –  final say on most decisions unless you are in a partnership
  • Skilled Personnel which is key to the business – Physio, chiro, hairdresser
  • Admin team – receptionist and office managers

An example of Indirect team players are as follows

  • Accountant & Book keeper – Financial records for tax purposes
  • Financial planner – Combine both personal and business to achieve Financial goals
  • Solicitor  – Advise on any legal issues that may arise
  • Insurance broker – Professional indemnity, Public Liability
  • Printer – Needed for any promotional work required or ongoing brochures
  • Business Consultant – Advise on business problems and growth
  • Handyman – Emergency repair work
  • Clients – This is the reason you are in business

To find out how PracticeNav can help identify what team members you require please email info@practicenav.com or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience of professionals that helped your business.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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