Useful software for healthcare business

Slide1As a healthcare business consultant I am always looking for the next best thing in healthcare to help with improving efficiency and automation.

Here are 5 pieces of software that I think every healthcare clinic should have onboard.

Coaches eye Coaches eye is a simple program that allows you to take photos and videos of clients doing exercises or functional tasks.. You can then analyse the task with the client, highlighting and drawing on the video. It even has some very cool angle features, slow motion, voice over and comparing before and after shots. Clients love it and they can see where they need to improve. It’s also easy to share with the client via email. Cost is minimal at $10 basic package with add ons costing more.

Muscle systems Pro This is a fantastic 3D app of the muscle system. It helps explain injury or dysfunction to clients and you can draw and highlight certain areas. It also shows origin, insertion, nerve supply and function of each muscle. It has animated detail of how the muscle works. There is also a layering function, which means you can go as deep or as superficial as you like. It cost about $15, easy to share details with patients by taking a screenshot and emailing the picture to their inbox so they have a better understanding of their issue and are more compliant.

Skeletal systems Pro This is very similar to the muscle system app except it focuses on the skeletals system with detailed images of bones, joints, capsules and ligaments. I use both of these products all the time when treating clients. You can buy a combination of the two and much more called 3D4Medical’s Body Systems for about $30.

Physitrack This is a real time saver, with 1000’s of exercises and videos to demonstrate what you want your client to do. It integrates with cliniko and you can save details for the next time you see the client. It is a huge time saver because you are not wasting time drawing stick men or trying to update a word document and then trying to attach it to email. This combines everything – simple and the cost isn’t bad either $9/month (may be further discounted depending on affiliations)

Mailchimp Your database is a valuable asset that is generally under utilised in the healthcare industry. Mailchimp is an easy and effect way to stay in touch with clients via email. It’s a good starting point for an email marketing campaign with regards to newsletters and automated reminders for follow up appointments. Its free to start for the mailing list with under 2000 emails, so why not give it a try. $10/month for more features.

When starting to use these software programs you should make sure you are reasonably comfortable with their use. Clients do not want to spend 10 mins watching you fiddle with ipads or computers. To find out how PracticeNav can help integrate these software packages into your existing systems please email or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience of different software packages that helped your business.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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