Why focus on your ideal client? 

Ideal client picQuestion: Who is your ideal client?
Answer: I don’t have one, I treat everyone, I don’t care who comes through the door. 

This is a very common response when starting out in healthcare business, you have high overhead costs and you need to start treating clients to pay these bills. In my view I believe you are better off to focus on a certain type of client or at least a specific portion of the population rather than the general public. I’m not saying don’t provide a service for the general public, but be aware of who you want to see use your health care business.

How to identify your ideal client

  • Be realistic within your location – don’t look for elite athletes if your clinic is located in an area zoned for retirement villages (relocate if you want to treat athletes)
  • Identify the clients you enjoy treating and why – If you enjoy post-op care, start speaking to surgeons, if its rugby players you enjoy working with – speak to a semi professional rugby team. You get a buzz from treating you ideal client.
  • Identify the clients you can’t stand treating – These clients will have the following effect on you: make you mad, feel like you’ve wasted your time and you moan to your friends and partners about (using the phrase – this patient -never their name)

Here is an example of my ideal client: 46 year old male/female, weekend warrior, will generally do what I prescribe, appreciates my advice, respects other staff, turns up on time, pays on time, values our service and will refer friends and family.

When you identify and focus on your ideal client the following changes will happen

  • You’ll become an expert and gain credibility within your ideal client group
  • You’ll know exactly what type of client you are looking for and where to find them
  • Your work will become enjoyable again because you’re working with your ideal client
  • Your marketing cost will reduce because you are focusing on a niche market with a higher ROI (Return On Investment)
  • You will have less competition as you will be the only person who focuses on “headaches” in your location.

So take the time to focus on who you want as your ideal client. If you’re having trouble identifying your ideal client, PracticeNav can help put a strategy in place to identify and target your ideal client. To find out how PracticeNav can help please email info@practicenav.com or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience or please let us know who your ideal client is and how you focused on that group.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant


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