What happens if you can’t work?

What Happens if you can't workHave you ever wondered what would happen if you couldn’t work for 6 weeks or worse you died? Great way to start a blog! Speaking from a business point of view would your business survive? We are now insured against everything in life and business but at the end of the day will your current systems at work cope if your not around.

I recently read Chris Hadfield’s book, An astronauts guide to life on earth, which I highly recommend. During the book he discusses how NASA try to plan for everything. So that if a system fails they have a back up. This brings me onto the point of a “procedure manual”, if you are a small business you may ask why do I need a procedure manual – I do everything!  Thats great but what happens when you are not around to make sure your 3-5 staff get paid, what happens to the lease, will your family be left with a nightmare scenario if you pass away. I don’t want to be a pessimist but these situations can happen, so if you can plan for them then its a lot better and it gives you piece of mind. These documents can also be useful for staff training and orientation i.e. to ensure all staff are provided with the same information.


  • Start a basic policy and procedures manual
  • Train your staff
  • Start outsourcing basic tasks
  • Ensure your business structure is the right one for you e.g. Limited Company, Sole trader or Employee.
  • Write a will
  • Review your business insurance
  • Review your income protection policy

Don’t panic, all of these are basic steps to insuring you have piece of mind when operating a successful business. A good way to review your business operations is to take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experiences of how putting good procedures in place helped your business.



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