Personal email for business…Really?

img_2006-1I was checking through my mailing list last night and I’m very surprised to see so many personal email address used as business email address. Don’t get me wrong I think personal email addresses are great, but they’re personal! You don’t want to be checking for your holiday booking and find a tax bill or an annoying email from a member of staff or public that could have waited. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, or

The main problem is, it doesn’t look professional, fair enough if you are just starting off in the world of Healthcare Business, but even then it doesn’t cost much to make it professional – less than one consultation a year in most cases. Ideally every practitioner who bills clients for your company should have there own professional email address. The advantages of this are as follows.

  • Ensures staff can communicate securely with their clients and vis versa
  • Work issues are emailed directly to their work email to separate work/life balance
  • Share and collaborate with staff about online projects
  • Integration with CRM (Customer Relations Management) software

The two main companies are Google and Microsoft, click here to read a great article comparing them both . You can also add extra email addresses to come into the one email account, see explanation here for Google and here for hotmail. This gives you the option of having or, it makes your company look more professional.  

My personal preference is gmail through google, I like its integration with the hundreds of apps available. They also have programs similar to excel, word and powerpoint and you don’t have to buy the expensive software to install on your PC, it’s all online. Google is also the owner of youtube which is one of the best marketing tools on the market.

Some people might say, if it ain’t broke don’t change it. If that was the case we’d all still be living in caves!! Do a trial run and see what you think, your staff and clients will thank you. To find out how PracticeNav can help please email or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experiences or share what system works best for you.


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