5 reasons why your clinical records should be online


Convenience – How much time does your admin team (or you) spend digging out files each morning and filing them away? What happens if you have major damage at your clinic? Having notes online also ensure you can leave work early rather than spending 30 mins at the end of the day doing paper work (or you could do it at home at a more convenient time). Having computerised notes means you can communicate easier with doctors, insurance companies and other specialists with most programs having integrated letter writing tools. If someone requests their clinical records you can email their records in 2-3 mins, rather than photocopying/scanning their notes and posting them.

Handwriting – Some people have the handwriting of a four year old myself included. So when I went for my first job in Sydney one of the questions I asked was “are your notes computerised”. Most new graduates from university will want their employers to use computerised notes. Having electronic clinical files ensures that everyone can read what you’ve recorded. This ensure that when people are off sick or away on holidays other clinicians within your practice don’t waste time trying to figure out what treatment plan someone is receiving.

Records – Financial and appointment records are vital to managing and planning your business. Asking yourself questions such as …When was the client last in the clinic? What are we treating? What’s our busiest day? What’s our busiest month? If you are asking these questions and the answers are taking longer than 2 minutes to generate then you need to make the switch. Another advantage is your staff can check online when they are in and who their clients are, they won’t clog up your phone lines asking these simple questions.

Online Booking – We live in the 21st century, people like to control as much as they can. Some clinicians I speak to are afraid of online booking, saying they will lose control of their diary, however most have not tried it. Online booking ensures that people can make appointments themselves freeing up reception staff. If done correctly it’s another excellent form of marketing and an easy way for the business to be shared on social media. If you have an online system and you haven’t enabled online booking, then give it a trial for a week. If you don’t lose “control of your diary” then integrate it with all your social media post.

Communication – Imagine never having to do another spreadsheet for your accountant again or trawl through your diary to see when a client was last in your clinic. Most online systems integrate with accounting software which you can invite your accountant/bookkeeper to work on. You can also set up reminders for clients about their appointments, this is an easy way to reduce cancellations and no shows. You can also email a client 3 weeks after their last appointment to ensure everything is ok without actually doing it because your system integrates with your emailing software which generates an automatic personalised email to send to your client.

In summary all of this can be easily set up or improved, helping to reduce your admin time, improve your client retention and improve your business systems. To find out how PracticeNav can help please email info@practicenav.com or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience or what system works best for you.


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