10 Tips for HealthCare Business Success

10 Tips for HealthCare Business Success

10 Things That Will Improve you and your Business

This week is simple

Im taking 10 of many many take home points from our Practice Nav course at the weekend and passing them on to you

None are groundbreaking, but chances are you are not doing them all.

If you can achieve these then you and your business will be in a better place

Working less, making more and having time to have a life outside of your business.

So here goes

  1. EMail. Taken from the Tools of Titans (Our May Book of the Month) Set two clear times per day of circa 30 minutes in am and 30 minutes in pm to check your emails. It is a black hole for your time.

          Do NOT do them first thing unless that’s the only feasible time for you as it can often leave your day being reactive and make you lose                   focus.

  1. Have a morning routine. Get up at the same time. Suggestions would be visualisation, affirmation, exercise, family time then consider starting work.

          Successful people often rise early and have a clear preordained plan of their day. This structure gives focus in the chaos of a normal day.

  1. Use you travel time wisely with phonecalls and listening to podcasts to upskill your knowledge base around practical skills and business. Download the notes later and take action
  1. Big hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) We all need one. I will within 5 years have a 1 million euro turnover practice or I will in 3 years have 3 full time members of staff and a full time admin. Write it down and make the commitment. It really helps focus the mind.
  1. Get yourself a good support network. This is
  • Solicitor
  • Accountant
  • Financial Advisor

           It’s too easy to say I will sort that later. Have them ready to react if you need them and don’t scrimp

  1. Define your Avatar (Ideal Client). We offered people attending the course the opportunity to complete a PDF that will help them probe into what their ideal client, hears, says, does. A very worthwhile exercise.

          Once you know who they are then target your information to suit them

  1. Know your Magic Number. Total income – Total Outgoings. Your net profit. How many clients do you/your clinic need to see to allow you to achieve that number.
  1. Audit yourself and your Team. Utilise Key Performance Indicators KPIs.

          Have regular reviews with your team members and clear criteria that you will be reviewing. This creates accountability and is black and              white with regard to are they achieving their outcomes.

  1. Batching: Batch your time in the week for
  • Marketing (2 hours) Blogs, Phonecalls, Social Media Scheduling
  • Done consistently this will help your business grow

     10. Get a Mentor/Coach/Accountability Partner. Many professions utilise someone more experienced than them to help them bypass            some of the pitfalls that can hold them back. Seek a well regarded professional in your industry and seek support and guidance from                      them 

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Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant