10 things I hate about business (with solutions)

10 things I hate about business (with solutions)


If you want things to be different, you need to do different things. Albert Einstein famously said that the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. In a healthcare business if you want different results then you need to change how you do things. A lot of clinicians complain about how they wish things could be different and yet don’t change anything. Here are some of the top complaints I hear…I’ve also thrown in some potential solutions. In order to change you need to be different!

1/ Cheques take ages to clear – don’t accept cheques, get a card terminal.

2/ Clients forget their appointments – arrange automatic text message appointment reminders

3/ You miss potential clients ringing your clinic – get a call answering service

4/ You’re not sure who owes you money – Get better clinic software to keep track

5/ You work 40 hours a week clinically (with admin on top) – Raise your prices by 10% and work 36 hours

6/ You answer emails at the weekend – Use an autoresponder from Fri 5pm – Mon 8am. Take your weekends back.

7/ You take work calls at the weekend – Get a separate work phone – see point 3

8/ You don’t have enough clients – Put a marketing plan in place

9/ Your staff irritate you – make changes to the relationship, address the issue.

10/ You can’t switch off after work – meditation/yoga/exercise/movies/reading

Having a mentor/business coach can also help with all of the above problems and much more. If you want to find out more or ask a question then please join our group on facebook – click here. To find out how to structure your work day to improve and maximise your work/life balance for the future and get more free time, then speak to PracticeNav via email info@practicenav.com or take our Free business audit to find how we can help.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant